Core Team

Alison Hendren

Alison Hendren MCC, CEO & Founder

As an Executive Coach and Coaching Educator since 1996, Alison has seen the transformative power of coaching in maximizing the full potential of people. Passionate about what coaching can do and how it can affect every aspect of how we live, work and communicate, Alison's vision is that EVERYONE learns how to coach. Leveraging her many years of Executive Coaching experience and her work as a Coaching Educator with graduate level executive coaching programs at Royal Roads University in Canada and the University of Texas, she has made it her personal mission to support the creation and delivery of professional and powerful programs and products to bring coaching to all corners of the globe with Coaching Out of the Box®.

To learn more about how you can benefit from using our programs and products contact Alison by email: [email protected] or by phone: 1-888-422-6224.

Bruce McLeod

Bruce McLeod Chief Culture Officer

A multi-certified executive coach, Bruce is passionate about seeing people and organizations reach places they never before thought possible. He knows first hand what can be accomplished when skill and ability are fused with purpose and passion. After several years as a senior executive for a Canadian multi-national, he made the leap to pursue his dream of coaching. Bruce has significant experience in cultural change and understands the system dynamics necessary to ensure initiativesvare set up for success. He is honoured to also serve on faculty of the graduate executive coaching program at Royal Roads University. 

To contact Bruce, email him at [email protected] or phone: 1-888-422-6224.