Carlo J. Jensen BComm, CEC, PCC

Carlo J. Jensen
Location: Alberta, Canada
Phone: 403.475.0073
Phone: 1.888.953.8228

 “All you do is ask me more questions when what I really want is the answer!” he said shaking his head in frustration as he left the office. Moments later, Carlo looked up as there was a soft knock on his door frame. Carlo’s frustrated colleague stuck his head in with a puzzled expression. “Wait a minute... that last question... my answer... that’s it! Thank you!” Carlo grinned as this time his colleague left with a confident smile on his face.

For as long as Carlo can remember, he has used coaching to bring out the best in his team and clients. Carlo naturally gravitated to asking probing questions to help someone solve a problem. Rarely did he quickly offer a solution, preferring instead to have that person think things through themselves; what options do they have, what would the impact be, how would others respond, how would they in turn respond, what will have the greatest chance of success and why? Without question, his most successful projects came when he encouraged his clients and team to choose their own path, recognizing within themselves how to capture their passion into power and how best to proceed.

As President of Uniscan Consulting Inc., Carlo brings over 20 years of senior business experience ranging from small businesses and large corporations to non-profits and charitable organizations and he has seen what passion, energy and enthusiasm can achieve with minimum resources. Carlo received his Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC and this training, coupled with years of practical coaching experience, provides his clients with coaching at a true, authentic level to achieve extraordinary results.