Ian Whitfield ACS, CEC

Ian Whitfield
Location: Alberta, Canada
Phone: 403.399.2006
Skype: ianw386

Ian Whitfield is the Director of Communications for Leader Impact group, a non-profit organization where he has worked for 21 years. Ian has attained national and international prominence as an outstanding trainer and communicator. He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of several successful initiatives both in Canada, and Central and South America. While his particular focus is the soft side of leadership, his pragmatism provides a balanced approach to both leadership and business issues. In addition, he has become a sought-after presentation coach for business leaders.

Mr. Whitfield has been instrumental in the development of a successful short-term project model for executives wherein business and political leaders are networked with their peers in other countries. The projects are designed to impact the highest levels of influence in the country through management and leadership seminars using Biblical principles. Mr. Whitfield oversaw the implementation of the Power to Change media campaign in Northern Alberta, Canada. As director, he helped put together a media mix of television, radio, print and billboards that were seen by more than one million people. Celebrities involved in the effort included Paul Henderson of hockey fame and Olympic speed skating champion Catriona LeMay Doan.

Mr. Whitfield received an Administrative and Commercial Studies Degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1989. He, and his wife Andrea, are advanced trainers in the Birkman Methodology (www.birkman.com) Additionally Ian is a certified executive coach from RoyalRoads University. Ian is married to the love of his life Andrea and together they call Calgary home.