Carol Gray MN, CEC, PCC

Carol Gray
Location: British Columbia
Phone: 778.363.7389

In more than three decades of working in the health field, Carol has been most fortunate to touch many areas of health care. She has been privileged to work with hundreds of professionals who dedicated their lives to improving the health and wellbeing of others.  

Carol has a rich and broad experience spanning health care and community program development, health care management, leadership development, and executive coaching.  She has held several dynamic and challenging leadership positions in Alberta including leading province wide portfolios as a VP and Senior VP. Carol has an in depth knowledge of acute care, community care, population and public health, and integrated health systems. Her mission was to positively impact leaders and teams so they were able to flourish and achieve the success they desired. 

Her colleagues and clients say that Carol inspires and empowers clinicians and leaders at all levels to achieve their professional and personal goals. As a coach and a leader she brings a strong sense of intuition, humor, and skill when working with her clients. 

Currently, Carol is using her skills and experience to support emerging and seasoned leaders to fulfill their goals and to reach for new levels of accomplishment. It is her belief that leaders want to lead effectively and to make a positive difference in the world. Executive coaching and leadership development for individuals and organizations are her passion and continued life work through her company, TallTrees Leadership. 

Carol holds a Master of Nursing degree (U. of A.) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (Royal Roads University). She is a Certified LEADS Coach and a Certified Facilitator of the Total SDI (Personal Strengths Canada). Carol is a licensed trainer in the 5-5-5 Coaching Skills Training Program ™ with Coaching Out of the Box ®.