Julie Jones MA, PCC

Julie Jones
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 604 649 2929

Julie has worked as Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant for over two decades.  Her focus is on developing the people side of business with clients from a broad sector of industries.  With her wealth of knowledge, depth of experience and high-touch approach she is a popular coach and consultant with business leaders and their teams.

Julie’s focus for being in the moment and experiencing the reality of the situation helps individuals find the courage to bring what really matters into the conversation.  Whether it is working with a Chief Financial Officer faced with complex refinancing issues, or a team leader faced with communicating changes to a diverse global workforce, Julie helps her clients get to the core of the issue and identify and remove blocks that may be getting in the leader’s way.  She challenges her clients in a respectful way, not only to face their fears, but to develop their own resourcefulness to overcome those fears. 

As a Licensed Trainer of Coaching Out of the Box®, coupled with her experience in establishing internal coach programs, Julie brings her unique perspectives and facilitation skills to deliver dynamic and deep learning experiences for her clients as they build their leadership capacity.  She has her Masters in Organization Management Development, is certified in multiple learning and assessment tools, and in addition to her multi-certifications in coaching is accredited mentor coach and coaching supervisor.