Margie Hammond CEC, CHRP, ACC

Margie Hammond
Location: New Brunswick, Canada
Phone: 506.635.8678

With over 35 years in the corporate world, Margie has experience in customer service, finance, operations, human resources, and coaching. She has held various senior positions, has led many teams and worked at all levels of the organization. Her experience includes HR management, talent management, succession planning, leadership development, change leadership, and day to day HR administration. She was also instrumental in starting a Women's Forum for personal and professional growth in her organization. During the past 8 years she has developed a passion for coaching and has made coaching her part time career.

Margie offers to others a high level of trust, respect, compassion and care. Humor is the piece that allows her to pull it together. She is able to look at the lighter side of life in a way that makes others relax. With her clients she comes from a place of curiosity. She will challenge, push and support them. She will acknowledge their successes, and test their assumptions and limiting beliefs. From all perspectives she likes to work with others who are willing to be seen, heard and understood and want more out of life.