Hélène Thériault ACC

Hélène Thériault
Location: Ontario, Canada
Phone: 778.938.2008

I’ve completed a lot of studies to come this far. From my dual Bachelor of Science studies in both Kinesiology and Occupational therapy, to my Masters in Adult Education and certifications in Coaching and Strength Development Index.  I’m also a Clinical Instructor at UBC for the department of Occupational Science and OT. All extra tributaries that lead to a deep river of understanding.

Although I absolutely love Occupational Therapy, stepping outside of the traditional borders to do more with my skills was a calling I couldn’t ignore. Every client I was able to help – maybe two or three per day – just felt like a small drop in a very large pool. I felt like I could make a much bigger splash!

That’s when I embraced the Coach Approach—the driving force behind Function First—and became a certified coach. By shifting perspectives and honing in on the knowledge and methods I had acquired through this training, I was able to branch out and become an asset to so many others. Embedding coaching cultures within organizations, growing leaders and athletes, and coaching OTs means I can extend my reach. These enhanced services stretch out across so many people, even into whole departments for coaching, wellness, and healthcare. 

Growing up in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, community, family and friendship became the most valuable things in my life. Competing internationally in synchronized figure skating has increased that appreciation of teamwork - that warm, open feeling of acceptance and encouragement has never left me, and that’s why it’s so important to share in my professional work. As someone who is Bi-lingual, active outdoors and has two amazing children to care for, I’m used to wearing a lot of hats! All these skills and experiences come together here, to empower, enrich, and help you excel.