Margaret Macmillan CEC, MLS, Mus. Bac

Margaret Macmillan
Location: Ontario, Canada
Phone: (416) 543-1859


A library leader with over 30 years of experience, communications strategist and leadership development consultant who offers a strong track record of transitioning staff through change, setting up organizational systems that employees lead and implement effectively, building staff engagement, strengthening communications and bringing people and resources together so that value is added not only to the organization but to the community and to the individual.

As a Certified Executive Coach recognized by the International Coach Federation, Margaret supports you in your self-discovery, recognition of your self-worth and in your personal and professional development.

Through focused listening on many levels and positive acknowledgement of individual excellence Margaret builds trust and respect with those she meets.  Margaret brings a positive energy, presence and focus to her coaching that really tells you that she is unwaveringly supportive of you as you strive to realize your best self.  Working with Margaret as your creative thinking partner, you will enjoy the challenges and rewards of brainstorming, strategizing, action- planning and confidently moving forward with your personal goals.

“Being listened to, truly heard and understood is a wonderful experience that I had not yet felt in my work, which I took seriously.  I felt valued and I believed I had found a comrade.  I am still grateful to Margaret today.”  (Librarian)