Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ Workbook

Personal Groundwork for Coaching WorkbookCoaching is a process where the whole person is coached, not just their goals or results. Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ is a structured program put in workbook form for coaches and their clients to work through co-actively. It helps both the coach and the coachee examine and define key areas for greater clarity and understanding of the whole person. As they work through the program together it will become apparent how the coachee’s goals align with what is most important to them and how they can attain their goals faster and with greater confidence.

Participants learn to:

  • Build resiliency
  • Break free from the things that hold them back
  • Align with their personal integrity

Each key area has several sub-concepts that are anecdotally explained with corresponding worksheets, which help the client apply them to their own situation(s). Together, the coach and the coachee will be able to pinpoint gaps that are present, which could impede or completely block the coachee’s progress towards attaining their goals. They will also discover new information for creating decision-making filters for the client, as well as motivation points for them to focus on as they work toward goals.

Users of the Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ will be asked to examine their beliefs and attitudes toward things like: adapting to change, the people in their personal and professional orbit, the roles they play in various settings, and what they stand for personally and professionally. They will also be asked to identify efficiency/deficiency points such as where they may use ineffective energy sources to get through their day, how they manage and use the energy they do have, and how they can streamline the processes and systems they use in both their personal and professional lives.

The Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ has been used with hundreds of coaching clients successfully and has been taught in executive coaching programs in universities in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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