Using Coaching to Lead™

Class Overview

Do your leaders and managers have outdated tools that are no longer effective in today's work environment? Could individuals and teams improve their communication skills? Are employees letting obstacles get in their way when trying to achieve goals?

These are just a few of the challenges being tackled when coaching skills are embedded throughout an organization. Why do coaching skills work so well in today's environment? Here are a few of the key reasons.

Results. Organizations that have implemented a coaching culture are seeing results in improved employee engagement, communication effectiveness and improvements to the bottom line.

The new work environment requires new leadership skills. There has been a tremendous shift from routine, repetitive measurable work, to work that involves critical thinking, analysis and creativity. The old carrot and stick approach to leadership no longer works and can even have devastating results in today's organization.

Adaptability and sustainability. The new work environment requires a way to lead that will produce positive and sustainable results; a leadership approach that is continuously adaptable to internal and external change.

Using Coaching to Lead™ is a hands-on class where you will learn what coaching is, how it is being used to transform the work environment and two coaching skills you can start utilizing immediately.

Everyday people are turning to coaching as a new way to lead and manage. And they are getting powerful results. Find out what all the excitement is about and how you can benefit from the power of coaching.

Who should attend

The class is designed for those thinking of becoming a coach and those interested in bringing coaching to their organization. If you think coaching may be right for you and / or your organization but you still have questions or would like to learn more before making a bigger commitment, this class is for you.

What you will learn

Topics covered in this class include;

  • An exploration of what coaching is and is not
  • Definition of coaching
  • Understanding the distinction between mentoring, managing and coaching
  • The impact that coaching has on individuals, teams and organizations
  • Overview and live demonstration of two keUsing Coaching to Lead Participant Workbooky coaching skills: Listening and Questioning
  • AND you will walk away with your action plan
  • Our Using Coaching to Lead™ Workbook will be provided to all participants electronically. This tool supports the learning during class, engages participants to reinforce the learning, can be used as a resource after the class is completed.

Class Dates and Times

This class is offered in two training formats to make it as convenient as possible;

On-site class for your organization

Class is conducted during 1 half-day session at your location

Contact us for scheduling and pricing

Virtual class for your organization

Class is conducted in 2 90-minute sessions, scheduled to meet your needs

Contact us for scheduling and pricing