The Value of Goal Setting

by Coaching Out Of the Box

If you look up the word “goal”, you will find this definition: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. In order to get where one wants to go, they need to be able to define where that is. Do they want to be their own boss? Manage the company? Have a family? Own a house? No matter what it is they want to achieve, they have to be able to set up the path to get there – their goals. These goals help one focus on what it is they want and research shows links between goals and performance, especially in relation to business. Setting and achieving obtainable goals can lead to feelings of positivity and success, which builds confidence and can create further productivity.

Keep these guidelines in mind when building a list of goals for business:

  • Keep goals achievable and be specific with what results are expected. Undefined or generic goals aren’t very motivating and don’t provide a strategy for achievement.
  • Set both long-term and short-term goals. Keep motivation and encouragement high by setting up smaller goals that can build in to the larger goals. Long-term goals can seem lofty and insurmountable, but breaking these down into manageable parts with achievable outcomes can be motivational, especially when the smaller goals are reached. This helps build momentum and keeps the positivity going.
  • Set goals with the whole team, using input from as many team members as possible. Strategize together; include opinions and ideas of others, which will motivate them to help achieve the goals.
  • Write the goals down and commit to them. Keep this visible so others can refer to it.
  • Build a habit of referencing the goals as well as the strategies to achieve them. If there is a road-block, re-strategize how better to achieve the goal.
  • Believe in the goal and encourage others to believe in it too. Keep in mind that this may require the use of incentives to help motivate the team. Be willing to give something to help encourage progress.
  • Don’t give up. Just because the goal hasn’t been reached yet, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Re-think, re-focus & re-organize.

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Learning to Mindfully Listen

by Coaching Out of the Box
Learning to Mindfully Listen

A significant part of being a good coach and leader is to be a good listener. The ability to intentionally listen helps to create a partnership with the person you are conversing with. This opens up a level of trust and can bring out aspects of that person that would otherwise have stayed hidden. Understanding that your success is based on the success of others around you can lead you to have a new perspective on your conversations. The coaching partnerships you form are dependent on your ability to interact positively with those you lead. Learning how to do the following can assist you with learning to mindfully listen in your dialogues with others:

  1. Convey a genuine interest in what they are saying. Learn not to interrupt or be absorbed in your own thoughts or forming your responses while that person is still speaking. Leave room in the conversation for the other person to speak and don’t do all the talking yourself.
  2. Absorb what is being said. Hear the words but also note the body language and emotions of the other person. Words are not the only form of communication.
  3. Recite back what that person has been saying by summarizing what you have heard. This allows the other person to feel like they are being listened to and they can confirm whether their actual message has been received.
  4. Extend the dialogue with questions, especially open-ended questions that can allow for expansion of the conversation. This may allow your partner to explore new ideas and lets them know you value what they have to say.
  5. Lastly, provide feedback that isn’t critical or patronizing. Use this feedback as a catalyst for positive development.

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Coach Approach to Leadership - Now More Than Ever

by Coaching Out of the Box

We’ve got an emergency going on! Government, healthcare, manufacturing, education, services or non-profit are being challenged to keep up with multiple ongoing changes while also paying attention to growth. Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Most of you have seen a host of new technology and rapidly changing systems that require your business environment to be agile, innovative, responsive and adaptable. There has been a tremendous shift from algorithmic work to heuristic work. In other words, the shift from routine, repetitive measurable work, to work that involves critical thinking, analysis and creativity. Approximately 70% of current job growth in North America is in heuristic work and it is only growing. The old carrot and stick approach worked well in the old algorithmic environment but researchers have found it can be devastating in a heuristic environment. What is more effective for this environment is competency in soft skills…enter coaching. 

Taking a Coach Approach to Leadership means mining the very best from others by partnering with them to discover their unique motivation system and strategizing with them to work in alignment with it. Taking a coach approach also means asking others to stretch beyond their comfort zones and leveraging their strengths in a variety of areas such as change, creativity, decision making, communication and even conflict. Having people work in alignment with their unique motivation system and stretching beyond what they would ask of themselves is imperative to creating an organizational culture that is agile, innovative, responsive and adaptable. Get going in bringing a coach approach to your leadership and your organization. We are here to help you. We've designed courses and tools just for you. How can you start? Check out the options below.
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Addressing a Void in the Marketplace

by Coaching Out of the Box

Coaching Quotient


How do you know if your Organization is ready for coaching?  Bruce McLeod, our Chief Culture Officer spent some time sharing how we’re improving our measurement processes to ensure they are simple and relevant, using our Coaching Readiness Assessment for Organizations Tool and our Coaching Quotient™.  


“It’s very difficult to measure a return on investment for soft skills like coaching. We see a void in a solid way to do that within the field of coaching and these assessments are our attempt to address that void in the marketplace.”

– Bruce McLeod, Chief Culture Officer


Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Organizations interested in implementing coaching can take the Coaching Readiness Assessment for Organizations. (Bruce’s tip: “Having someone highly aware of the culture of your organization (e.g.; Human Resource representative) will be able to provide the most accurate responses, but this assessment can be done by anyone aware of how the organization functions.”)
  2. We send an immediate thumbnail sketch of where you’re at on the continuum of coaching readiness. Then we follow up with you to talk about how we can help you move further along.
  3. Once we’ve set up your coaching program, we offer you the opportunity to utilize our Coaching Quotient™, which is a scorecard that we develop together to ensure it reflects the areas you want to see improved and areas we feel coaching can offer benefit.


These measurement tools are made especially for Coaching Out of the Box® clients and created by Coaching Out of the Box® leaders. So you know we’re designing and aligning these assessments with our teachings and practices and your desired areas of improvement in mind.   We want to ensure you get the best results possible.



READY TO GET STARTED? You can now fill out the Coaching Readiness Assessment for Organizations ONLINE!

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Coaching Works!

by Coaching Out of the Box

 We’ve been hearing so much great feedback on how coaching is changing the way people do business, improving lives, and helping companies receive substantial benefits. Here’s just a couple recent success stories, we’re excited to share:

  • One of our clients had their managers take our 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ and the associated Virtual Practicum. We’re thrilled to report their results showed great improvements in BOTH retention of employees AND faster acceleration of managers to higher levels of leadership – and it’s because of the coaching skills they’ve implemented in their company’s practices!

  • Another 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ participant reported receiving great feedback on improved leadership skills, which she attributed to the coaching techniques she’s applied at work!

We’re so glad to be a part of helping people achieve more and be better at what they do every day!

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