July 2016 Newsletter

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Starting Line
Making it as a Coach

Summer is in full swing and we hope you are taking the time to enjoy your favorite pastimes. For many, summer is a time to catch up on reading, reflect on the first half of the year and make plans for how to finish out the year strong. If your reflections and plans involve becoming a coach or making sure you are successful as a coach, this newsletter is written for you.



Almost daily we receive inquiries from people who are interested in becoming a coach but have many questions and at least a little trepidation. Questions we frequently get asked include;


  • What does it take to become certified?
  • How long will it take?
  • What training and education programs are needed?
  • What are the keys to making it as a successful coach?


Other inquirers have started a coaching business and are looking for tools to help them strengthen their skills and add to their tool kit. If you are thinking of becoming a coach or already one and looking for tips, tools and techniques to help you succeed, we’ve created a new webinar just for you.



In this free webinar we will discuss what it takes to become a successful coach. We bring our years of experience in coaching to discuss the formal requirements, education and training needed, as well as the soft skills, traits and attributes that are common among successful coaches. We’ll also discuss challenges and pitfalls that tend to keep coaches from reaching their full potential and how to avoid these.

  • Join our next FREE Webinar on the topic of Making it as a Coach, Monday, July 25 @ 11 a.m. Pacific. We’ll walk you through what it really takes to make it as a coach. We'll cover the formal education and training requirements and then take it a step further. We’ll dive deeper into soft skills, traits and attributes of successful coaches. You'll leave with a clear understanding of what it takes to make it as a coach, how to strengthen your coaching skills and if coaching is right for you. Be sure to join us. Click here to register.  

Fall line up of virtual courses - something for everyone



Whether you are a new coach starting to consider certification, an existing coach desiring to complete certification or a seasoned coach looking to add to your tool kit we've got a program for you. Check out our Fall line-up. View the course details and see which one is right for you. Still not sure, get in touch. Click here to contact us or email info@CoachingOutoftheBox.com

Group Training
Did you know?
COTB offers Immersive Coaching Skills Development Programs for Organizations.


These programs, delivered specifically for your organization, are designed to accelerate learning and uptake. Programs are offered in on-site, virtual and blended formats. Contact us to learn more.

We would love to connect with you! Reach out to our team here or call Toll Free, 1-888-4A-COACH (1-888-422-6224). 
Are you interested in becoming a coach but not sure if it is right for you? Not sure what it will take to make it as a coach?
Are you an existing coach looking for tips, tools and techniques to set yourself up for success?


We've created a new webinar laser focused on exactly these topics. 

Join us for a FREE 1 hour webinar. 

Date: Monday, July 25th
Time: 11 am  Pacific time / 2 pm Eastern time. 
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Change starts in your thougths

What Does It Take to Be a Good Coach?”


If you are a coach currently, or interested in becoming one, you may have asked yourself this question. We recently wrote a blog article on this topic. Based on our years of coaching experience we believe a good coach has and can effectively use the following skills;


* Active listening

* Feedback

* Trust

* Value coachee

* Ask questions

* Be approachable

* Be compassionate

* Lead them


Read the full article


Readiness Assessment
Take our Coaching Readiness Assessment to find out. We’ve developed 25 powerful questions that will help you assess your organization’s readiness by examining the current culture, the leadership, the capacity, the systems. Take the Assessment Now.
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