June 2015 Newsletter

by Coaching Out of the Box
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Addressing a Void in the Marketplace

Coaching Quotient


How do you know if your Organization is ready for coaching?  Bruce McLeod, our Chief Culture Officer spent some time sharing how we’re improving our measurement processes to ensure they are simple and relevant, using our Coaching Readiness Assessment for Organizations Tool and our Coaching Quotient™.  


“It’s very difficult to measure a return on investment for soft skills like coaching. We see a void in a solid way to do that within the field of coaching and these assessments are our attempt to address that void in the marketplace.”

– Bruce McLeod, Chief Culture Officer


Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Organizations interested in implementing coaching can take the Coaching Readiness Assessment for Organizations. (Bruce’s tip: “Having someone highly aware of the culture of your organization (e.g.; Human Resource representative) will be able to provide the most accurate responses, but this assessment can be done by anyone aware of how the organization functions.”)
  2. We send an immediate thumbnail sketch of where you’re at on the continuum of coaching readiness. Then we follow up with you to talk about how we can help you move further along.
  3. Once we’ve set up your coaching program, we offer you the opportunity to utilize our Coaching Quotient™, which is a scorecard that we develop together to ensure it reflects the areas you want to see improved and areas we feel coaching can offer benefit.


These measurement tools are made especially for Coaching Out of the Box® clients and created by Coaching Out of the Box® leaders. So you know we’re designing and aligning these assessments with our teachings and practices and your desired areas of improvement in mind.   We want to ensure you get the best results possible.



READY TO GET STARTED? You can now fill out the Coaching Readiness Assessment for Organizations ONLINE at coachingoutofthebox.com!

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Once again we are proving that coaching works!


Almost every day we get great feedback on how coaching is strengthening the effectiveness of leaders, changing the way people do business, improving lives, while at the same time creating benefits for organizations.  


Click Here for just a couple recent success stories, we’re excited to share.


We would love to connect with you! Reach out to our team through e-mail: [email protected] or call Toll Free, 1-888-4A-COACH (1-888-422-6224). 

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