March 2013 Newsletter

by Dave Veale
March 2013 Newsletter

Out of the Box: Spring Into Action

It's official, Spring is here; which means that flowers are blooming, trees are sprouting leaves, little baby bunnies are hopping around, and in my neck of the woods baby quail are crossing streets in a nice single file line. Spring means new beginnings, fresh starts, and beautiful color. With the lovely weather and beautiful newness of it all I would like to encourage to create some of your own beginnings and fresh starts.

  • The time is now to let go of old hurt, limiting beliefs, and even relationships that no longer fit/serve you. Let's do some Spring cleaning by taking inventory of the people, things, and feelings that surround you. What supports your growth? What doesn't?
  • Now is the perfect time for giving birth to new ideas, new projects, new hobbies; the things you have always wanted to do, but haven't yet. What stands in your way? What do you need to make things happen?
  • Embrace Spring Fever! Take some time to play and embrace your child side. With your fun, child side comes renewed energy and a means to view things with a fresher eye.

However you decide to acknowledge this amazing season, the time is now to Spring into action. Enjoy! Grow! Rejuvenate! Happy Spring, Everyone!

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February 2013 Newsletter

by Amy Ruppert
February 2013 Newsletter

Out of the Box: Here a Choice, There a Choice

"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." Wayne Dyer

Isn't it great to have the power to choose our thoughts, feelings, and actions? We even get to choose how we wish to show up each day. And not only that, we get to choose how we wish to handle challenges and which options or opportunities would work best for us.

Here's the kicker though, in order to make choices (i.e. how to overcome a challenging situation, what career path to take, etc.), it's important to have clarity and clarity can sometimes evade us. It is particularly elusive when we are in a state of overwhelm or fear.

So what can we do to create clarity?

Here are a few ideas...

First, recognize that we're all human and being human can sometimes be a messy process. (We can learn a lot from our messes.)

Second, be willing to ask those powerful questions that support deeper discovery and awareness.

Third, don't force the clarity. Sometimes it takes time for an answer to appear or a choice to present itself.

Fourth, work in bite-sized pieces or as we say around the Coaching Out of the Box® halls, make that elephant into elephant steaks. This will cut down on the overwhelm.

Just remember, the power to choose is YOURS!

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January 2013 Newsletter

by Pamela Richarde
January 2013 Newsletter

Out of the Box: A New Year of Opportunities

Welcome to 2013 and a very Happy New Year to all of you!

We all know that with the New Year often comes a renewed hope for exciting opportunities, positive changes, as well as a sense of excitement of what lies ahead. Critical to creating or recognizing opportunities and changes is the willingness to also create awareness. Simply, AWARENESS = OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHANGE AND GROWTH.

With that said, we hope you will enjoy this issue's Team Talk article written by our very own Pamela Richarde.

Here's to a New Year filled with much joy, good health and amazing opportunities!

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December 2012 Newsletter

by Alison Hendren

Out of the Box: Reflecting on 2012

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude and reflect on some accomplishments for 2012 before we jump headfirst into 2013!

We are grateful to...

  • You our readers, licensed trainers, coaches, Facebook and LinkedIn contributors. Your enthusiasm for all things coaching and generous feedback is appreciated, don't stop!
  • Pam Thomas, Marc Bowles, Mary Crowley, Dominic Scaffidi who gave of your time to support coaching skills training on our philanthropic side as a partner with LINGOs (Learning in Non-Government Organizations)
  • Our wonderful partners at B.C. Health. Your continued advocacy for our Flagship 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ along with your suggestions for improvement AND your moving stories of how it is impacting Healthcare workers across the Province of B.C make what we do so meaningful.
  • As 2012 comes to a close we are now at over 7,000 participants in over 37 countries who have experienced our Flagship 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program.
  • Wide scale coaching skill development in organizations continues to expand because of our ability to deliver our training in person and/or via our virtual classroom cutting edge technology. We are now working in the following sectors: Education, Health, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Technology and Sales.
  • B.C. Housing embraced our5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ by embedding it into their Leadership Development Program. Thank you Dian Paterson for your continued advocacy and passion for coaching!
  • The Province of Saskatchewan has just begun to work with us in bringing wide scale coaching skill development to Healthcare . Betty, Susan and Andrew thank you for the faith you have placed in us and our team of licensed trainers!

We are so very grateful for the passion and enthusiasm by all the people we are fortunate to work with. Thank You!

On behalf of all of us a Coaching Out of the Box® best wishes for 2013.


Alison Hendren
MCC, Founder and CEO

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November 2012 Newsletter

by Amy Ruppert
November 2012 Newsletter

Out of the Box: Play or Sit?

Life is a wonderful game to be played and not watched from the sidelines. That means we have to be willing to take chances and get in the game or we'll never know what it feels like to score a goal, sink a three-pointer, or make a touchdown.

OK, enough with the bad sports analogy. Think about it though, as coaches in order to challenge our clients to play a bigger game, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves. So, when was the last time you took a chance? When was the last time you threw caution to the wind and just went for something?

If your answer is, "I have no clue." OR"Gosh, I don't remember." Don't you think it is time you got off the bench and stepped into a bigger game?

To support you in doing so we want to share the following thoughts to ponder...

  1. You have much more to gain than you do to lose. It's true, because if you go after what you want and get it, you gained. If you go after what you want and don't get it, you haven't lost anything - instead you have gained some knowledge, right?
  2. Speaking of knowledge, every experience, good or bad is an opportunity for growth and learning.
  3. When you allow fear to stand in your way, you are just handing your power over to the fear. We all know it is no fun being powerless.
  4. Create some awareness around what holds you back. In creating that awareness you have the capability to remove the obstacle or jump over it.
  5. If you follow your heart, you can't go wrong.
  6. If you follow your heart, and someone thinks you are silly for it, that says more about them then it does about you. Besides, it really is none of your business what others think of you. It is your business what you think of you.
  7. Did we mention that you have more to gain than you do to lose?

So what's it gonna be; are you going to sit or are you gonna play?

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