Fast Track FAQ

What is the Fast Track to ICF Credential Package?

The Fast Track package streamlines the training required to obtain the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential. The Fast Track package includes five courses, strategically scheduled so that you complete the required 60 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours plus 7 hours of group mentor coaching for ACC accreditation within six months. The Fast Track provides participants the same quality of training as much longer programs but does so in only six months. All classes are led by Coaching Out of the Box® ICF Certified Coaches with vast knowledge of coaching and delivery experience with the programs who can offer a wide perspective of best practices, tips and techniques.

New in 2018, you now have the option to pick your own course dates and times that work best for your schedule, and have up to 18 months to complete the Fast Track to ICF Credential Package.  Please refer to the 2018 Course Calendar to view all 2018 course offerings.

Does the Fast Track package include courses on starting a coaching/consulting business?

The Fast Track package is designed to give participants a solid coaching foundation and to provide the training and tools needed to excel at coaching. The Fast Track is taught by highly experienced coaches who impart their knowledge and wisdom into the learning. We also offer resources to support participants including webinars, guides and coaching tools. While we cover aspects of creating a successful coaching business in the resources that we provide, our primary focus is on developing coaching skills. One of the best strategies new coaches can pursue is to find a mentor who can help them navigate the process of starting a coaching/consulting business.

Are your courses designed for coaches or can they also be used by consultants?

We are passionate about the power of coaching and our focus is on developing coaching skills. These skills can be used in many different capacities including coaching, consulting, leadership and management. While the lines between coaching and consulting may seem to blur at times, we see a distinct difference. Coaching is more about guiding others so that they can make their own discoveries, insights, and goals. Consulting is more about prescribing what and how they should do it. The questioning, listening, framing and other skills learned in coaching can be effective tools in both coaching and consulting.

Is the Fast Track package of classes offered in-person or virtual?

The Fast Track package is offered in our virtual classroom to help streamline the course schedules and to make the classes more convenient to attend. With our virtual classroom, the learning is highly interactive just like in-person classes and yet so much more convenient. We use web cams, chat, presentations and real-time interaction with expert trainers as well as participants to maximize the interaction and learning.

Do you have a Mentoring Program?

As part of our Fast Track to ICF Credential package we include 7 hours of group Mentor Coaching. We recommend that you also work with a successful coach one on one to support you in both coaching and business development.

Can the Fast Track classes be viewed at anytime?

One of the most important elements of our virtual classes is the learning that occurs because of the real-time interaction between and among participants and trainers. We strongly urge that you make every effort to attend each class so that you don’t miss out on this learning opportunity. We understand that sometimes missing a class is unavoidable so we do make recordings available. You can view or review class recordings at your convenience.

What happens if I can't attend a class?

We understand the commitment of time you have signed up for and we also realize life can get in the way of your schedule.  Our program is designed to offer live interactive learning. The ICF calls it synchronous learning. In the event you are unable to make a class we offer you one option to listen to a recording of the class you miss, complete and submit a Recorded Class Report prior to the next scheduled class.  In this report you will be asked to outline your learnings, insights and demonstrated how the content of that missed session applies to your coaching.

In cases where the number of missed hours falls below the ICF requirement for graduation, a retake of the specific missed classes may be utilized.  A fee may apply.

How much time should I expect to invest in the courses, outside of class time?

Your expected investment of time during the program would be approx. 2-3 hours per week aside from classroom time.

What sets your program apart from the others?

The Fast Track package is streamlined, taught by highly experienced coaches and cost effective. All programs are led by Coaching Out of the Box® ICF Certified Coaches with vast knowledge of coaching and delivery experience with the programs who can offer a wide perspective of best practices, tips and techniques. The Fast Track package is ICF ACSTH approved and is based on a proven coaching model used by over 17,000 worldwide. The Fast Track package provides in-depth training in all the ICF Core Competencies and prepares participants for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam.

How does your program differ from those that cost 3x more?

We at Coaching Out of the Box® want to support people in acquiring a solid grounding in coaching in as cost effective way as possible, very high quality trainers and standards AND that can lead to ICF Certification.  Holding an ICF credential is becoming more and more important for organizations and individuals who choose to hire a coach.   How much you invest, how much time you want to spend and knowing where you are going are critical to making the best choice for you.

We are an ACSTH approved program and we provide 68 ICF approved coach training hours, plus 7 hours of group mentor coaching.  

There are nuances to the various levels and types of trainings (ACTP, ACSTH, Portfolio). 

When our participants complete our Fast Track to ICF Credential series of proven programs they will have completed 68 ACSTH (ICF approved coach specific training hours plus 7 hours of group mentor coaching).  In addition should they be applying for the ACC credential they will need to complete 100 hours of coaching (25 pro-bono and 75 paid from the start of their coach training), plus 3 hours of one on one coaching with an ICF credentialed coach and successful completion of the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment exam (we prepare you).

Do you offer support through the ICF credentialing process?

We are always here to help answer any questions that you may have in regards to the ICF ACC credentialing process.  We've also put together a guide to answer your most frequently asked questions called Your Step-by-Step Guide to the ICF ACC Credential.  Click here to download your free guide.