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Coaching Courses for All Coaching Levels

We offer a range of courses in convenient formats and a coaching model that is easy to learn and apply. Whether you are just starting out or are already an experienced coach, you’ll find our series of coaching skills development courses offers something for you. We offer six different courses from core competencies to advanced proficiencies.

Core Competencies

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The performance of individuals, teams, and organizations are being transformed when coaching skills are developed, used, and become part of the culture.  If you are intrigued by what is happening with coaching and want to learn core coaching skills, this fundamentals class is for you.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 28.7

Read what others are saying:

“This program provides a very practical dive into each of the competencies guaranteed to improve anyone's coaching skills and knowledge. It is well worth the investment.” - Denise Still PCC CEC, Sr Advisor Crisis Response, Change Management & Leadership Coach Calgary Board of Education




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If your goals include starting a coaching business or using coaching to lead within an organization, you won't want to miss our 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™. This course provides in-depth learning of core coaching competencies including multiple practice and feedback sessions. Join over 33,000 participants who have gone through this transformational program.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 20.5

Read what others are saying:

“At Moneris, we believe in coaching and its power to develop leaders.  We also know that good coaches are made, not born.  So we did a Canada-wide search for a partner who could help our HR team become more effective coaches.

Coaching Out of the Box ® was the clear winner in that they listened closely to our requirements and then created a program that was closely aligned to them.  Most importantly, they delivered with outstanding, impactful facilitation.

Because of Coaching Out of the Box ®, our HR team is already more effective at coaching in the moment, and we’ve begun formal internal coaching as well.”  Thanks! - Troy Kolar I Manager, Leadership Development, Moneris

Advanced Skills

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Are you looking to enhance your coaching skills or take your coaching to the next level? If any of these apply, check out our Personal Groundwork for Coaching™. In this course, you will learn advanced coaching skills to help highlight and explore areas that are often at the source of where a coachee becomes stuck, self-defeating, or demotivated.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 24.6

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“Personal Groundwork for Coaching was such a dynamic and powerful learning experience! I highly recommend this program as a way to see personal growth that enriches your perspective as coach. This program provides specific tools strategies, and assessments that will definitely advance your coaching skills!”






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Are you looking to enhance your coaching skills or maybe you are looking for tools to help you with your biggest coaching challenges? If any of these apply you’ll want to check out this interactive and practice-filled course.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 19.4

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“This program is a great opportunity to develop or refresh your skills in live coaching segments and to learn from observing others. There is nothing like this real live practice to enable you to see where you need to grow.”





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If you want to expand your reach, add a new tool to your toolkit, and a new source of revenue, this course may be just what you are looking for. This course teaches advanced skills and prepares you to become licensed to deliver the 5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program™.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 12

Read what others are saying:

“I really enjoyed the small group training in the Train the Trainer™ Program. It was a safe space to get questions answered about presenting the 5-5-5 content to others. The teach backs were fun and gave everyone more confidence to get started training.” - Carol Hannahs [email protected] Certified Master Coach, CMC




Coaching Credential

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Develop the skills and set yourself apart by jumping on the Fast Track. Included in the Fast Track to ICF Credential package are all the programs you will need to achieve the required 60 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours for ACC accreditation plus 7 hours of group mentor coaching that can be completed within six months.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 108.9

Read what others are saying:

“Coaching Out of the Box® gave me much more than what I expected. After the first couple of sessions of FastTrack, I was thinking, ‘Wow I've learned so much already,’ and was really excited about what I would know by the end of the program. It didn't disappoint, I feel I'm a much better coach and understand coaching in a way that I never imagined I would. Excited about moving people forward with my newfound understanding.”  - Brad Woodward - Moneris - Coaching Program Lead 





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This course is designed to prepare coaches for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment exam which must be successfully completed prior to receiving the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Credential.

ICF Core Competency Hours: 15.7

Read what others are saying:

“The Coach Knowledge Assessment preparation was a powerful program which affirmed the coaching learning I had achieved in my journey with other Coaching out of the Box® programs as well as preparing me for the ICF quiz and demystifying it. On top of this, I learned a lot through the wisdom and coaching experience of the facilitator. This is so helpful for anyone aiming for ICF ACC accreditation.” - Ian Matheson Leadershift Ltd. Managing Director




Coaching Products

https:/images//365_Questions.jpg 365 Coaching Questions

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The 365 Coaching Questions booklet is a resource to help you develop your questioning skills. These 365 questions are jumping-off points or catalysts for you. Categorized by topic, most of the questions may be adapted to fit different situations.






Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ Workbook

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Coaches, by using their questioning, listening, and framing skills, guide their coachees through the discovery process to help them gain new insights about what is holding them back; to highlight and explore areas that are often at the source of where they become stuck, self-defeating or demotivated. This assessment tool has been carefully crafted to support this discovery process.