Mentor Coaching Program FAQ

What is the COTBx 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program?

The COTBx 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program provides three 1:1 mentor coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed coach. The program satisfies the ICF requirement that credentialing candidates on the ACC ACSTH and Portfolio paths complete 3 hours of 1:1 mentor coaching prior to submitting their application.

The COTBx 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program is included in the Fast Track to ICF Credential. It may also be purchased separately.

What is included in a COTBx 1:1 mentor coaching session?

A 1:1 mentor coaching session consists of 30 minutes allocated for the Mentor Coach to observe/listen to a coaching session plus a scheduled 30-minute call with the coach/student and Mentor Coach to provide verbal feedback and coaching. Following each session, the coach/student will receive written feedback from their Mentor Coach on the approved COTBx Feedback Form.

What are the prerequisites?

Successful completion of the COTBx Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum or equivalent.

What is the price?

The COTBx 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program is included in the price of the Fast Track to ICF Credential. When purchased separately, the price is: $595 CDN / $475 USD

How long do I have to complete the sessions?

For those who purchase the COTBx 1:1 Mentor Coaching Program separately, the sessions must be completed within 3 months of purchase.

How do I select a mentor coach?

COTBx will provide a list of qualified mentor coaches to each participant. Participants will be asked to identify their preferred mentor coach. COTBx will then reach out to mentor coach list to determine availability and match the participant with a mentor coach.  Priority will be given to the Mentor Coach the participant has identified as preferred.

Can I use a mentor coach not on your list?

To provide the highest quality and consistency, COTBx has selected experienced and highly skilled mentor coaches for its program. Participants will select their mentor coach from this list.

Do the observed coaching sessions need to be live?

No. Sessions can be live or pre-recorded. If pre-recorded, the coaching session will need to be sent to the Mentor Coaching in advance of their scheduled feedback session.

How do I record my coaching sessions to send to the Mentor Coach?

There are a variety of options available to record your coaching sessions.  Simply search "recording app" online to see what is available.  If you meet with your clients virtually, we recommend  The ICF recommends Audio Acrobat.

Who can I coach in these sessions? Are there any requirements or restrictions?

There are no requirements or restrictions as to who you coach for your 1:1 coaching sessions. These can be paid or unpaid clients. When selecting who you will coach keep in mind that the objective is to demonstrate your skill in the ICF core competencies. Note: In only one of the 3 observed coaching sessions may the Mentor Coach be the client as well.

How are the sessions documented to satisfy ICF requirements?

At the completion of the three mentor coaching sessions, the Mentor Coach will complete the COTBx Mentor Coach Reporting form with the dates and times of each session.

COTBx will prepare a Record of Mentor Coaching for the Participant which includes:

  • Mentor Coach name
  • Mentor Coach credential level
  • Dates and times of sessions

COTBx will email the Record of Mentor Coaching to the Participant and copy the Mentor Coach.