It’s extremely gratifying to witness the positive responses of our program participants. Again and again people tell us that their work with us has been transformational. Many have been kind enough to share their enthusiasm for what we do and here we share their stories about how our programs and products have impacted them and their organizations.  

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See why a regional director of a large health organization chose Coaching Out of the Box® for his team.

And if that's not compelling enough, check out why this director of a learning and development group was motivated to not only become a Coaching Out of the Box® licensed trainer, but to share it with others on her team and beyond.

The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™  is definitely worth it. Without a doubt, coaching has helped my performance. I use the coaching skills I learned on a daily basis.

The group that took the initial training has extended their coaching broadly - they are using the coach approach themselves, which was just what we wanted - to build the capacity to coach inside the corporation.

Coaching has affected my ability to lead, absolutely. I have a large group and frequently run into situations where my coaching skills have really helped - especially the listening skills. There's an expectation that the leaders have all the answers but using coaching, I can turn some of the issues back to the people I coach and get even better answers and solutions from them. Coaching helps the coachees with the confidence to make more of their own decisions. Coaching has helped me to help my staff bring out the decisions and answers from within them.

Jeff Trail
Executive Director
Government of New Brunswick

At Moneris, we believe in coaching and its power to develop leaders.  We also know that good coaches are made, not born.  So we did a Canada-wide search for a partner who could help our HR team become more effective coaches.  Coaching Out of the Box ® was the clear winner in that they listened closely to our requirements and then created a program that was closely aligned to them.  Most importantly, they delivered with outstanding, impactful facilitation.  Because of Coaching Out of the Box ®, our HR team is already more effective at coaching in the moment, and we’ve begun formal internal coaching as well.

Troy Kolar
Manager, Leadership Development

Despite my initial skepticism about an online learning forum for coaching, Coaching Out of the Box® found a way to incorporate face-to-face interactions, textbook learning, large and small group work, an online chat box, and a formal PowerPoint presentation all at once. All in all, I really felt like I was in a classroom participating in the course.

Dave Broda
Leadership Specialist
Saskatoon Health

What I will take away mostly is how to show up as a coach, friend or colleague. To be genuinely interested in what others are saying. Listening is everything!

Linda Cory

The program is excellent - simple, concise and relevant. A day well spent. I was struck by the synergy and the community that was clearly evident in the dynamics between the presenters and the MCC's. The playfulness and passion the MCC coaches bring to the process is contagious and makes me want to be a part of this profession.

Cherie Williams

It is the recipe to help me in my business and family relationships. The positive, friendly factor shines throughout everyone involved. I am now convinced that coaching is a true profession and has a great potential for growth.

Lorna Anderson

Listen with your ears, eyes and heart. Show up authentically. Thank you for solidifying my sincere belief that we are all leaders by "showing up" for others. I can see this applicable in frontline, supervisory, management, executive, community, non-profit...you nailed it.

Christine McLeod

Fabulous, friendly, knowledgeable, great stories... Achieves its mission to make available basic coaching skills.

Denise Still PCC CEC
Sr Advisor Crisis Response, Change Management & Leadership Coach
Calgary Board of Education

Coaching Out of the Box® 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ exceeded all expectations. It was very effective, relaxed and pragmatic in delivering the content.

Alison Johansen
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