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5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program

Coaching Out of the Box® provided me with the practical coaching tools that I could put into practice immediately. A great course for people wanting to get an introduction on how to use the coach approach in their work environment.

Charito Cachero
Former Program Manager
Royal Roads University

The 5/5/5 Model augmented an arsenal of various organizational behavioral, development and emotional intelligence competencies, provided the coach powerful tools to move the coaching client forward to the next level of their decision-making capabilities. This will, in my view, inspire leaders, organizations and workplace members to be the best they can be. The 5/5/5 Model is the underpinning and bridging vehicle to the successful time-tested structure for that successful launch forward.

John Gordon

The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program provided me with foundational information, tools, tips, training, but more importantly, it provided me with structure to give me confidence in coaching as I begin this journey. The practice during the course was essential and the opportunity to meet with each other outside of class provided additional practice in a safe place. I would absolutely recommend this course for anyone seeking to improve their coaching skills but also for anyone who has any relationships in their life! I know my parenting, marriage, and employee relationships will all benefit from what I learned as well. Thank you!

Kathleen Rumford

Through the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program™ I recognized the importance of a client centered experience, getting to understand how the person thinks, feels, believes, and emotes and how these influence who they are and what they do.  This, and knowing that part of being a good coach is being fully present with someone to make their life better, are two significant learnings from the course.  There are many more.  I am now fully on the journey to become a coach!  Thanks Coaching Out of the Box®!

Ed Millermaier
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