5.5.5 Coaching Skills Training Program

Very positive experience that made me reflect on how I managed by team and ways to improve by using the 5 step coaching process.

5/5/5 Participant

The coaching techniques can be applied immediately and shifts the way a manager can interact with employees.

5/5/5 Participant

Profound.  Incredible.  I love learning new skills and nothing prepared me for how much the materials and this industry feels like I was coming home.  It truly resonates with me.  Looking forward to joining the coaching community!

Darlene Wilson

Engaging and informational!

Patti Lee

Love this course, love the facilitators, love the support and excited about my growth!

Fast Track to ICF Credential Participant

My experience with Coaching Out of the Box® has been very favorable because of the commitment to high quality training, experienced faculty, and a methodology in the 5/5/5 Model that provides a clear and accessible template for effective coaching practice.

Joe Simmons, PCC, BCC

The 5/5/5 model is a great foundational framework to easily implement with any client or situation and allows you to immediately embrace your own strengths as a new coach whilst feeling confident that you are providing value to the coachee or client.

Kristina Tyler
I had a very positive experience! The coach-facilitator was amazing, the content was great and my classmates have been wonderful!
5/5/5 Participant - November 2020

Instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and are genuinely interested in enabling growth and development of all participants. Additional information and development sessions are frequently offered by COTBx to further enhance your coaching practice. It was just excellent!

Jacqui C.
Current FT Participant May 2021 Cohort

So far - amazing! Communication has been terrific and the written materials are truly valuable. I'm looking forward to more classes. This was a terrific "first learning" experience and makes me look forward to future classes.

Carolyn G.
FT Participant May 2021 Cohort
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