Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum

The Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum is a powerful tool to self discovery for coaches. While practicing each week either as a coach, coachee or an observer, I had multiple eye opener moments and deeper understanding to what to look for in order to be more encouraging and trusting to the coachee. It has been a fun and excellent class.

Dr. Farah Radwan
Assistant Dean

Highly informative and constructive feedback during our coaching practice sessions.

Miroslav Novak

This class was instrumental in getting the coaching practice in with feedback to support the learning. I saw improvement in each and every one of my colleagues in their coaching practice. It was a great learning opportunity to coach, be coached as well as observe. Our Coach-Facilitator was an excellent facilitator with endless nuggets of knowledge, experience and feedback. She made everyone feel comfortable
to be authentic and show up 1000%.

Melodie Yong
Manager of People Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
Health Information Management - Providence Health Care

The Coach-Facilitator holds a beautiful energy that weaves everyone else's together in a comforting, and joy filled way. The flow of the class was excellent. I especially liked the self-reflective exercise of reviewing our coaching sessions.

Maureen Voss
Success Coach
Northwestern Michigan College

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is pursuing coaching as a career or who just wants to sharpen their coaching competencies.

Peter Gosline
PLG Healthcare Consulting

The Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum really prepares you BEST for coaching.  There are opportunities to coach throughout this program and our coach-facilitator was an encouraging, easy to work with, individual.  She really inspired us all to move forward in our coaching, to find a way to enjoy our time in our learning and to be ourselves as we learned the important elements to be a strong, warm and inviting coach.

Dana Wiles

I loved the practical and sound advice given in feedback. The opportunity to practice coaching with my peers and learn from their takeaways as well as my own.

Jane Anderson
Recent FT Graduate
Excellent! This course was powerful in stretching me as a coach and in giving me practical experience in coaching - which is what I had hoped for. Coaching Out of the Box is very professional, organized in the delivery and available if there are questions/concerns. This course exceeded my expectations!
Recent ACSP student
It provided another level on my coaching journey and it was delivered in a way that I looked forward to each and every week. The 8 weeks flew by. Some of the coachee's issues were ones I could identify with so there was "Vicarious Coaching" for me as a listener.
Amber B
2022 Fast Track graduate

Tremendous program that gives you valuable coaching experience right from the start and at the right pace. This program is an excellent mix of knowledge and practice. It sets you up to be a great coach.

Renee Paul
2022 Fast Track Graduate
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