Fast Track to ICF Credential

Watch now - a conversation with Peter Gosline,
Fast Track to ICF Credential Graduate

Peter Gosline

My experience has been fabulous!  The Coach-Facilitators are terrific and taught us well.  I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be in this program!

Shelley Mast

The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program provides an amazingly effective combination of knowledge about coaching with the genuine experience of working with others in a virtual environment.

Douglas Duncan

Very professional and great value!

Stacie Chappell

I would highly recommend Coaching Out of the Box® to anyone, whether they are just starting out in coaching, come with years of experience, or just wanting to grow personally, as well as those that would like to incorporate coaching skills in their current jobs.  There's a wonderful balance of content presented, opportunity for practice, and an inclusive sense of community.

Lana Johnston

COTBx is a very professional and impactful coaching organization that will help you develop coaching skills for any profession.

Eric Sanford

Great experience.  Loved the cohort feel and the facilitators!

Joe Marci

The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program was a great experience!  All the Coach-Facilitators were kind and willing to help as much as we needed along the way.  Glad I chose Coaching Out of the Box!

Fast Track Graduate

Completely recommend the Fast Track to ICF Credential Program...faculty, content, pace, price were perfect!!

Fast Track Graduate

The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program was a great experience with an amazing cohort and engaging, knowledgeable facilitators.

Janika Smit
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