Fast Track to ICF Credential

The Fast Track to ICF Credential proved to be extremely valuable both from a professional and personal development stand point. The program immerses you into the world of coaching in a hands on and very practical way. The facilitators were professional, friendly, extremely helpful and passionate about ensuring that each of us found our full potential as coaches. While initially the pace of the program and the level of personal development that is required in order to be an effective coach was unexpected and intimidating, going through this program with a cohort of others on the fast track path and with the support and encouragement of the facilitators, I feel like I learned, practiced and excelled at coaching and created a network of friends in the coaching world that will benefit all of us as we launch into coaching in our professional lives. I would highly recommend Coaching Out of The Box® and if you are looking to get your credential, jump in and take the Fast Track option - you won't regret it!

Sharon Bulger
Facility Manager
University of British Columbia

The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program has been transformational.  This program has completely solidified the idea that coaching is the next occupation for me.  I never thought I would be an entrepreneur!

Fast Track to ICF Credential Graduate

My experience with Coaching Out of the Box® and the Fast Track to ICF Credential Program has been powerful.  I feel that I am a part of a supportive group of caring individuals and that I have gained a community.

Lana Johnson

My experience has been incredible!  My cohort is awesome and the facilitators are incredible.

Eric Sanford

The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program was a great experience... All the facilitators were very resourceful and professional coaches.  I have really enjoyed each module!

Karim Ayache

I am so thankful that I decided to take the Fast Track to ICF Credential Program.  It has been transformational for me on a personal level.  What I've learned about myself and how I've grown through this experience thus far can not be measured.  With respective to the program in terms of coach training, wow it's been an incredible journey.  The program has challenged me to think even more outside the box, to be curious about others in a way like never before.  Best decision ever to take this program!!

Darlene Wilson

COTBx has developed a fantastic coach education program.  The delivery and facilitation of the content has been masterfully done.

Irina Doering

I feel so blessed to have found Coaching Out Of The Box®. Thank you Allison Hendren and team! You are the best role models of the Coaching profession.

Susan M.
Recent FT Graduate

Wonderful! Highly recommend. I met some great people, coaches, instructors, and mentors. All the while, learning great material that is hands-on and practical. These are the lessons of great coaches. So glad I was able to be a part of it!

Shell S.
Recent FT Graduate
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