It’s extremely gratifying to witness the positive responses of our program participants. Again and again people tell us that their work with us has been transformational. Many have been kind enough to share their enthusiasm for what we do and here we share their stories about how our programs and products have impacted them and their organizations.  

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Fast Track to ICF Credential

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Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program

Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum

Train the Trainer for 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program



The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program was a great experience... All the facilitators were very resourceful and professional coaches.  I have really enjoyed each module!

Karim Ayache

I am so thankful that I decided to take the Fast Track to ICF Credential Program.  It has been transformational for me on a personal level.  What I've learned about myself and how I've grown through this experience thus far can not be measured.  With respective to the program in terms of coach training, wow it's been an incredible journey.  The program has challenged me to think even more outside the box, to be curious about others in a way like never before.  Best decision ever to take this program!!

Darlene Wilson

COTBx has developed a fantastic coach education program.  The delivery and facilitation of the content has been masterfully done.

Irina Doering

I feel so blessed to have found Coaching Out Of The Box®. Thank you Allison Hendren and team! You are the best role models of the Coaching profession.

Susan M.
Recent FT Graduate

Wonderful! Highly recommend. I met some great people, coaches, instructors, and mentors. All the while, learning great material that is hands-on and practical. These are the lessons of great coaches. So glad I was able to be a part of it!

Shell S.
Recent FT Graduate

I would recommend Coaching Out of the Box®'s Fast Track program to anyone interested in achieving ICF certification. The five modules are thoughtfully designed -- starting with their 5-5-5 model that provides a logical framework for learning, through actual coaching practice in front of an experienced mentor coach, and culminating in preparation for the ICF certification.    

Each module includes useful instructional material and is delivered by a knowledgeable teacher in a virtual format that integrates the latest online learning tools. The class size is ideal and the instructors are particularly skilled with the online learning format. The evening program is well-suited for the busy professional.
Frankly, the Coaching Out of the Box® program was one of the best training investments I ever made.
John Hill
Senior Executive, US Treasury Department
This program gives the information, practice and skills development opportunities to be an effective professional coach.
Shelley D
2022 Fast Track graduate

The Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum is a powerful tool to self discovery for coaches. While practicing each week either as a coach, coachee or an observer, I had multiple eye opener moments and deeper understanding to what to look for in order to be more encouraging and trusting to the coachee. It has been a fun and excellent class.

Dr. Farah Radwan
Assistant Dean

Highly informative and constructive feedback during our coaching practice sessions.

Miroslav Novak

This class was instrumental in getting the coaching practice in with feedback to support the learning. I saw improvement in each and every one of my colleagues in their coaching practice. It was a great learning opportunity to coach, be coached as well as observe. Our Coach-Facilitator was an excellent facilitator with endless nuggets of knowledge, experience and feedback. She made everyone feel comfortable
to be authentic and show up 1000%.

Melodie Yong
Manager of People Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement
Health Information Management - Providence Health Care
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