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Great facilitators, nice atmosphere, helpful advisors. I recommend it to people who want to be career or business coaches.

2022 Fast Track graduate

Building a Successful Coaching Practice was just what I needed to jump start building my business.  It's overwhelming to begin a business and this course laid the framework of how to begin.

Darlene Kauffman
Kauffman Ink.

Building a Successful Coaching Practice is a valuable program.  It provides coaches with the inspiration needed and the guidance through the chaos of the business world.  The program provides great tools and strategies for coaches to start their journey towards building their business.

Dr. Farah Radwan
Associate Certified Coach
Coast to Coast Coaching
I really enjoyed the course. I’ve taken some similar diversity courses (in the context of conflict resolution) and found them really thin in content. This course had a lot of “meat” to it and I loved that the last few classes were workshops.Patti is a gifted facilitator and I love the “beginners mind” approach that she takes. It is similar to how I like to approach things as well. The course went by fast and was one of those subjects that had me wanting more.
Lisbeth S
Recent Certified Diversity graduate
Well run organization - very responsive!
John W
Recent Certified Diversity graduate
Excellent! Great engaging facilitators and course content
Andrea B
Recent Certified Diversity graduate
Once again, Coaching Out of the Box surpassed my expectations. The Diversity in Coaching program was thought-provoking, interactive and timely. The facilitator was highly engaging and she drew out the best in each participant, week after week. I've come away from this course with new skills, profound insights and a thirst to learn even more about this dynamic topic.
Valerie Waymark
Valerie Waymark PCC CGC CDC
Certified Diversity Coach Program graduate
The course was fun, interactive, and full of great learning. The practicum was a bit slower, required more in-depth thinking, which I preferred. Overall, I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others!
Celina S
Customized Corporate Program
A practical step-by-step introduction to the basic skills of coaching, and plenty of opportunities to practice the skills in a safe space.
Customized Corporate Program
It was valuable training, especially in our roles. We came away with some important learnings around listening, reflecting, asking the right questions, caring, empathy and other values.
Corporate participant
Customized Corporate Program
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