It’s extremely gratifying to witness the positive responses of our program participants. Again and again people tell us that their work with us has been transformational. Many have been kind enough to share their enthusiasm for what we do and here we share their stories about how our programs and products have impacted them and their organizations.  

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Well run organization - very responsive!
John W
Recent Certified Diversity graduate
Excellent! Great engaging facilitators and course content
Andrea B
Recent Certified Diversity graduate
Once again, Coaching Out of the Box surpassed my expectations. The Diversity in Coaching program was thought-provoking, interactive and timely. The facilitator was highly engaging and she drew out the best in each participant, week after week. I've come away from this course with new skills, profound insights and a thirst to learn even more about this dynamic topic.
Valerie Waymark
Valerie Waymark PCC CGC CDC
Certified Diversity Coach Program graduate

It's been a great experience, on all levels!

Recent Diversity Grad

Good course with willingness to explore learning topics authentically

Alan W.
Recent Diversity Grad

Absolutely worth it. Engaging, insightful learning that will support me in my work.

Jill J.
Recent Diversity Grad
The course was fun, interactive, and full of great learning. The practicum was a bit slower, required more in-depth thinking, which I preferred. Overall, I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others!
Celina S
Customized Corporate Program
A practical step-by-step introduction to the basic skills of coaching, and plenty of opportunities to practice the skills in a safe space.
Customized Corporate Program
It was valuable training, especially in our roles. We came away with some important learnings around listening, reflecting, asking the right questions, caring, empathy and other values.
Corporate participant
Customized Corporate Program
The Coaching Out of the Box® experience was an excellent experience for me. The strongest aspect was how detailed and how clear the 5 Step Coaching Exchange, 5 Core Coaching Skills and 5 Guiding Principles are. They work well together, and very smoothly, to provide a rich and significant coach and coachee interaction.
Denise CP
Customized Corporate Program
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