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It was excellent! You are given the perfect balance of facilitating, interactiveness & practice!
Corporate participant
Customized Corporate Program
I went from not being sure of which questions to ask to bring the coachee from point A to point B, to feeling fairly confident supporting the coachee. Overall, I enjoyed connecting with colleagues and we shared a lot of the same ideas/issues, and it was a great learning curve to observe and learn from each other.
Corporate participant
Customized Corporate Program
Awesome! I not only learned effective skills for my work, but have naturally adopted these steps into my personal life too. Now instead of being overwhelmed by an issue, I find myself thinking "what is standing in my way of taking the next step?" or "why is this important to me?" and being able to coach myself out of being stuck! I find myself being a better listener and contributor, and a more mindful employee. I also really enjoyed the feeling of community created in this class, and how much I was able to learn through our group discussions.
Customized Corporate Program
I had an amazing experience; I looked forward to the classes, I felt engaged, I learned a number of skills that I can carry with me throughout my professional career. Merv was amazing; it was obvious that he has been working in coaching for a long time, and his passion and experience really made the course enjoyable. He supported all of us as a group and as individuals, and made us feel valued and heard. Thank you Merv!
Rachel M
Customized Corporate Program
The (555 Coaching Skills Training) course was very interactive and we were always given the opportunity to participate in the shared learning experience. It also opened my eyes to improving my conversations and forcing me to ask more open-ended questions to probe my stakeholders deeply.
Shaniel S
Customized Corporate Program
It’s worth it, regardless of your experience or what your role is!
Dale M
Customized Corporate Program
I learned how to form better conversations and be more confident in myself and my ability to have difficult conversations. The experience was great!
Ellen M
Customized Corporate Program
It was engaging and fun. I've had the benefit of lots of training over the years at different companies on this subject, and I think this was the best one I've been a part of. I thought it was some of the best training I have ever received.
Patrick G
Customized Corporate Program
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