It’s extremely gratifying to witness the positive responses of our program participants. Again and again people tell us that their work with us has been transformational. Many have been kind enough to share their enthusiasm for what we do and here we share their stories about how our programs and products have impacted them and their organizations.  

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The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program was a great experience with an amazing cohort and engaging, knowledgeable facilitators.

Janika Smit

Great Experience - so glad that I jumped in and went for the Fast Track to ICF Credential Program!

Lori Lewis

Exceptional program with world-class client/student service and motivational facilitators.  The program was every bit as advertised and more!  I am extremely happy with my investment.

Kuda Chapuredima

I have learned so much, connected with wonderful people and have found the program to be an excellent experience.  I made the right choice by selecting the Fast Track to ICF Credential Program.

Carole McKelvey

The Fast Track is a meaningful learning experience that layers in over time.  You need to do the work, to coach, practice, and self-examine to get the most out of the experience - and when you do, you'll find yourself growing exponentially.

Lori Cohen
Fast Track Participant
March 2020 Cohort

The Fast Track to ICF Credential Program is a good experience.  The facilitators are professional and the value for investment (time, energy, money) is very high.

Fast Track Participant
March 2020 Cohort

Thank you for the amazing journey and experience!  The Fast Track to ICF Credential program has added huge value to me as a person and as a coach.  I am looking forward to see what the future holds.

J. D.

The Fast Track to ICF Credential program is an amazing journey as you prepare for a coaching career.  The coach-facilitators are excellent resources and encouraging as we all worked our way through the modules of the program - a truly inspirational and educational experience.

Dana Wiles
Director, Human Resources
In-Depth Engineering Corporation

I have been a career and work life "coach" for many decades.  I have made my living this way and supported myself and my son as a coach.  I thought, "what can I learn after operating successfully for all this time... before the ICF was even rolling?"  My answer now is... A LOT.  I now have a common language with my peers, feel that I am a part of something bigger and know that I AM a coach at heart and that has been a long desire but I have really worked primarily as an Instructor, Mentor, and Consultant.  It is nice to be able to put language to what I have done, what I believe and who I am.

Mary Brandon

Coaching Out of the Box® has helped broaden my perspective, provided me new skills, allowed me to build a network of fellow coaches, and created a safe space for me to practice coaching and to receive extremely practical feedback on how to improve as a coach.

Burr Cota
Polaris Principles
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