Personal Groundwork for Coaching

This class is a life changer, between the excellent sessions, coaching outside of class and applying the exercises in the Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ worbook, the result was spectacular. I never knew there is much more to know about myself.

Dr. Farah Radwan
Assistant Dean

A phenomenal, holistic course that takes you on a journey of self discovery. I truly enjoyed learning more about my authentic self. Discovering and rediscovering my core values, beliefs and passions.

Nicole Chetty
Coaching/Multicultural Awareness Coordinator
Clovis Community College

If you are challenged by working with coaching clients seeking to connect with their inner game, Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ just might be the key. Regardless of your coaching focus - business, leadership, executive, life - this course puts you face-to-face with the trickiest client topics especially around energy, personal commitment, relationships and values all with the intent to release each to her/his greatest, highest vision.

Kelly Johnson
Keystone Leadership Development

I went into the coaching experience prayerfully wanting to be able to express myself in a more collaborative and encouraging fashion.  Not only did I achieve those goals, I also gained a deeper insight that a shared presence with others produces a more profound and impactful community effect than just being a more "pleasant person". Coaching Out of the Box®, your laser question of "What if everyone had Coaching Skills?" had to be Divinely inspired. THANK YOU!!

Peterious Curry

Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ provides an excellent framework for self-assessment of the coach and a framework for coaching others. This is an excellent program for someone new to field of coaching.

Jan Cardwell

This program exceeded my expectations! I walked away with a toolbox of coaching strategies and personally made changes and grew in my own life. It was excellent.

Karen Rutherford
Goodwill Industries

This program offers a focused, succinct, professionally delivered curriculum in an inspiring, diverse classroom environment, maximizing opportunities for learning & growth.

Peter Gosline
PLG Healthcare Consulting

The Personal Groundwork for Coaching™ Program has really enhanced my coaching skills.  Learning about what to observe and listen for in my coaching sessions has changed my coaching habits for the better.  Thank you!

Ainsley Desautels
Manager, People Consulting
Credit Union Central of MB

Great program in which you are challenged to change the status quo and transform your life and limiting beliefs.

Vicky Sanchez
Principal Owner
FlowTalents, LLC

The Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™ has been a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to build their coaching skills.

Yanika Smit
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