Personal Groundwork for Coaching

As an individual that is committed to lifelong learning and professional development, I can say with total confidence that this program has provided exceptional value.

Mark Preston-Horin

Every coach and aspiring coach should take the Personal Groundwork for Coaching Program™.  It proves that you must be willing to do the work of a coach if you are going to be a coach.

Patricia Lee
The depth and quality of the learning experience is clearly a priority to Coaching Out of the Box®. They place care and attention that the participant's needs and expectations are met to the best of their ability. This program is very well managed, organized and structured. For coaches that want to be great and enhance their coaching skills, I would recommend this program.
Krystina Tyler

The Personal Groundwork for Coaching program was the 360 turn to becoming a coach!

Mary M.
Current FT Participant

When I first started the course (Personal Groundwork for Coaching) I wondered how it would help me perfect my skills in coaching. What I found it that it was transformational in understanding myself and awareness of how a client might feel going through a similar experience.

Judy M.
Current FT Participant

It's a lot of fun, you'll learn a lot about coaching and yourself through the Personal Groundwork for Coaching program, and gain a ton of skills that you can apply both personally and professionally.

Current FT Participant
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